We have learned that, with the strength of fearless accountability and support of a caring community, the job search can be an uplifting, positive and successful experience.

Job hunting is a tough job!

Convoy makes this better by bringing job seekers together to collaborate, and in doing so, addresses the loneliness and negative experiences that inevitably occur when job searching. 


To be eligible for a fully funded place on this programme, candidates must to be:

  • Not in economic activity

    • unemployed and on benefits

    • unemployed and not on benefits

    • not on another training course/programme

  • Resident in the relevant geographic area:

    • Thames Valley – Berkshire

    • Dorset

The Road to Work includes:

  • Guided preparation for job hunting that includes reviewing CVs, LinkedIn, interview technique, etc. in the light of the latest thinking and trends.
  • A powerful “accountability” model that restores and maintains self-confidence, self-belief and self-motivation.
  • Open-ended Community support to provide hope and reassurance on the search for as long as it takes.
  • A unique “crowd-sourced” onboarding experience that helps ensure new roles are a long-term success.

The Convoy Model: Three Crucial Parts

This is the magic ingredient in Convoy. It is this daily 5 minute meeting that maintains the accountability that is key to maintaining momentum, motivation, and mental health; it builds resilience, confidence and self-discipline. Members of the cohort are grouped in accountability groups of three (to keep things super-efficient). The group meets every working day, taking 1-2 minutes each to share, with reference to their search:

  1. What they got done – that they intended/planned – since the previous stand-up;
  2. What they intend to do by the next stand-up;
  3. Any “blockers” – anything that could prevent them from completing their intended activities.

This achieves completion: a brief self-reflection on what did/did not happen silences one’s inner critic, stopping it getting in the way or holding them back; it clears the decks. Then, by declaring intent, they form a “social contract” with their buddies in the trio, making them that much more likely to do the things they say they will do, and thereby keep moving forward. By reviewing “blockers” they ensure their plan is set for success, which boosts confidence and helps maintain balance.

Facilitated 60 min sessions led by an experienced coach.

In Stage 2 – Preparation these focus on Q&A around the assigned materials for that week.

In Stage 4 – Search, these sessions provide hope and reassurance: seeing others’ success getting interviews, feedback or offers brings hope: “It could be me!”; hearing about being ghosted by recruiters, not being selected for interview, or rejected, can also bring reassurance: “It’s not just me!”

We have had talks on blockchain, hacking the brain and psychometric testing to name just a few.

These provide practical ideas and learning that can be put to immediate use.

These are also opportunities for connecting with the wider Convoy Community, helping people broaden and deepen their networks, which can make them more likely to be “found”: it is widely reported that 80% of roles are NOT filled by direct applications; they are filled through networks/ connections, so building a strong network is vital to the modern job hunt.