Richard Evans

CONVOY IS AN EXCELLENT INITIATIVE FOR JOB SEEKERS. Convoy encourages job seekers to support and motivate each other, and to share advice and tips. The daily catchup is crucial to keep a positive mindset and to build resilience during the whole process. Christopher is an amazing host, who facilitates dialogue and invites great speakers to share their knowledge and experience. Thanks to Convoy the search is less lonely and daunting! Really grateful for all the help and support!

EVERY JOB SEEKER NEEDS CONVOY COMMUNITY! Christopher Ross, through Convoy Community, has identified a problem that currently is more urgent, serious and widespread than ever, and he has created (and cultivated) a solution that not only remedies the immediate pain for those experiencing it, but also creates knowledge, forms bonds and builds an ongoing network that we can take forward with us into the future. Being a member of Convoy during my most recent job search expedited my journey and also enriched my life emotionally and intellectually. I am a better person now, because of Convoy, than I was when I started.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE CONVOY COMMUNITY! It's a brilliant concept to support and be supported by a network of like-minded professionals. It keeps you focused on your job search and what you need to do to get your next role. There are also learning opportunities and workshops by different speakers on a weekly basis. And did I mention that it is free of charge?

BEING INTRODUCED TO CONVOY HAS BEEN SUCH A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE FOR ME. Being out of work and searching for a job can be a very lonely experience so meeting people in the same situation and sharing ideas has been such a reinvigorating experience. Just having the company has been such a bonus but added to this is the fantastic advice offered and also the sharing of contacts who can help. I would highly recommend everyone who is looking for job to join Convoy community, as it is a great way of meeting new people, getting advice and mentoring!

CONVOY IS A SUPPORTIVE INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY of people on a journey together - entrepreneurs, job-seekers and those just figuring out their path. Christopher Ross does a brilliant job of facilitating support and energy among the group to help one another. Some find jobs and move on, others stay connected with the group to continue supporting others.

CONVOY WAS A MASSIVE HELP IN MY JOB SEARCH and I can't recommend it enough! I recently graduated from a Masters programme and since October have been looking for a role in my new career. Firing off job applications was getting me nowhere and it was starting to feel like I was doing something wrong. Convoy was incredibly helpful in keeping me in a positive mindset and helping me to look at my job hunt in a different way, giving me insights into where I could best direct my energy. I felt I had support at every step, no matter with how small or big the task. The daily stand-ups were especially helpful to stay motivated and positive as well as throw ideas around. I watched some of the recordings of the weekly speakers and they were also great for staying inspired! Thank you so much Christopher, I think everyone would benefit from joining Convoy to reach their goals

I JOINED CONVOY IN FEBRUARY THIS YEAR, AFTER OVER A YEAR OF JOB SEARCHING. Convoy is designed to take the loneliness out of job searching, by providing support and encouragement though engagement with others in a similar position. Being a part of Convoy involved taking part in a brief daily morning ‘stand up’ call with 2 other members, and a weekly one hour zoom meeting with a wider group. These calls are designed to provide support to one another, exchange ideas, progress, and provide advice. In addition, there is a weekly guest speaker on topics such as your LinkedIn profile, or interview techniques, and many many more. I'm pleased to say that I have found my next role, and Convoy has been a huge part of this success. The ideas and support from other members, and the vast number of professional courses and speakers/presenters online that I became aware of through Convoy have been fundamental in maintaining a positive outlook and developing my job searching skills. Connecting with other professionals who are in a similar position is a great support. The success of the Convoy program is testament to this. Christopher Ross has built up a great organisation in Convoy and I recommend it most highly to anyone who has been made redundant, or who is out of the workforce and looking to re-enter.

CONVOY COMMUNITY IS A BRILLIANT CONCEPT. I would thoroughly recommend connecting with Christopher at Convoy Community. Coming out of redundancy and into the job market is a daunting and unsettling process. Christopher has created a unique community platform for like-minded people to connect and network. Christopher provides guidance, support and guest speakers within specialised fields which enables individuals to better understand the current job market and how to navigate themselves into new employment. Convoy has been a great experience and enabled me to connect with an amazing network of people. I wish Chris all the very best for the future, I'm sure that his company and community will continue to grow from strength to strength.

I JOINED CONVOY IN 2020. During these uncertain times, I found the support from this community, starting from CV, LinkedIn profile, interview practice and most importantly, calls every day to discuss the plan of the day, was immensely beneficial, as that helped me to stay focused on my job search. I have met people from all disciplines, helping each other, connected having a common goal: i.e., securing a role! I would highly recommend everyone who is looking for job to join Convoy community, as it is a great way of meeting new people, getting advice and mentoring!

FINDING A JOB IS A HARD PROCESS where the job-seeker often feels isolated and can easily suffer from self-doubt and demotivation, particularly over the last year. But, I've been lucky enough to have very few "down days" because of the support and daily motivation from the Convoy Community and the Agile approach to job hunting we employ. At the same time, I've widened my network, helped a lot of people move forwards with their careers and felt accountable to maintain my job search, all of which has massively helped with my well-being and led to my own successes.