Convoys are groups of people on similar journeys, each with their own destination.


We take an ‘Agile’ approach to Getting Things Done!

Convoy is about more than just job seeking. We’ve also evolved a “crowd-sourced” onboarding experience, and a “germinator” for people exploring their business ideas.

For the purposes of explaining how it works, let’s use the job hunting case.

Job hunting sucks.

There’s no two ways about it. And Convoy makes it better with our collaborative, peer-support model.

There are three components:

  • Two from Scrum:
    • Weekly Review/Retrospective
    • Daily Stand-Up
  • And a weekly Guest Speaker session where participants can also build their networks

Weekly Review

Once a week, each Convoy meets virtually for 40-60 mins to review:

  • What went well?
  • What didn’t go so well?
  • What’s your focus for the next week?
  • What help would you like?

The weekly meet up makes it possible to leverage each others’ networks and find those elusive jobs, gigs and opportunities that are not posted or advertised.

It also helps us appreciate that “People are succeeding out there, so there’s hope for me!” and that, when the rejections happen, “It’s not just me!”

Weekly Guest Speaker

Once a week, all members of all Convoys are invited to hear a Guest Speaker presentation.

These 60-90 minute sessions are for education, inspiration and motivation. It’s an opportunity to pick up a new skill or insight, or something that could be useful in that crucial interview.

Daily Stand-Up Meeting

Every working day, each “triplet” has a brief 6-15 min call to cover:

  • What did you get done?
  • What do you intend/plan to do?
  • What could mess up your plan?
This is the GOLD. The Convoy SECRET SAUCE! 
The Daily Stand-Up helps us maintain MOMENTUM, MOTIVATION and MENTAL HEALTH.