Career Transition

Professional and Executive Career Transition: Opportunity or Threat?

Career transition comes in many forms. 

It can be the natural result of progression – as you gain experience and knowledge, you move up the chain, gaining responsibility and reward. 

It can also be due to changes in the economy, innovation and society that disrupt markets, requiring products and services to change, and the people who provide and produce these to change too. 

Career transition is an inevitable consequence, and whether that is an opportunity or a threat to your particular situation, your attitude, approach and strategy will determine your personal outcomes. 

Be Prepared

Like a good scout, you need to be ready fo whatever life serves up, and your career is no different.

The key is to have an up-to-date plan that you can start implementing at a moment’s notice. 

I’d be surprised if this was news to you. 

As a professional or executive, you’re well aware of the need for contingency, continuity and disaster planning. You do this for your organisation, potentially revising and testing such plans twice a year or more. But do you do it for you?

At Convoy we talk about Journeys. 

Convoys are groups of people on similar journeys, each with their own destination. Our careers, too, are journeys. Setting off with a definite destination in mind gives purpose and direction. But in our careers, how many of us actually finish up where we originally intended? 

Have a Plan

The message we’re trying to get across is to have a (flexible) plan.