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“People are your greatest asset”

How do you make sure they want to stay?

What should you do when they want to leave?
The cost of a failed hire is more than you think…)

Putting your people at the centre of everything you do is just good business. 

But how do you do that when there are so many competing priorities for your time and resources?

One powerful way is to “crowd-source“: use the power and wisdom of groups of like-minded people to solve problems.


What was your experience when on-boarding into the organisation you work for now?  

  • Was it a valuable experience and time well-spent?
  • Or was it all about reading and signing policies, procedures and guidelines?
  • Did you find yourself in back-to-back meetings with a bewildering number of people you didn’t see again for the next 6 months?
What would have been more useful?
  • Learning about the culture.
  • Mapping stakeholders…
    • Who are your new friends…
    • Allies…
    • Enemies…
  • What really is the scope of the role? (Job descriptions are rarely a match for reality!)

There is great advice (google it!) on what to do in your first 90 days – but knowing isn’t doing…

The Joiner’s Journey is a Game-Changing, Crowd-Sourced Onboarding Experience

Modelled on the Rock Your Role journey, the Joiner’s Journey is a Business offering that supports new hires as they get embedded in their new organisation. 

We all know that the first 3 months “honeymoon” period when you’ve just joined your new company is the perfect opportunity to really get under the skin of the new org: to map out your stakeholders, discover your new allies and enemies, and really understand the deliverables of your new role.

The problem is, this rarely happens.

Things get busy. The new hire is dragged into innumerable meetings and before you know it, it’s time for the 6 month review!

The Joiner’s Journey supports your new hire in leveraging the First 90 Days (yes, it’s loosely based on the popular book of the same name) and as a result they will be:

  • Better integrated into the culture
  • More likely to stay
  • Higher performing

The Joiner’s Journey is available on a per-head basis at £497 per employee, or as part of a Convoy Corporate Subscription (1.5% of base salary budget, negotiable based on the number of employees). 

Try it free for your next 3 employees.


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The Leaver’s Journey protects your People and your Corporate reputation

Modelled on the Job-Seekers’ journey, the Leaver’s Journey is a Business offering that supports your ex-employees as they leave your organisation.

It is a crowd-sourced outplacement experience that is open-ended (people remain for as long as it takes to find their next role). 



All people facing redundancy deserve meaningful outplacement support!

It’s really not OK for organisations that are letting people go for business reasons to simply send their ex-employees away with nothing more than the statutory minimum redundancy pay, the promise of a reference (typically limited to the dates they started and left), and a perfunctory “sorry to see you go, but thank you for your x years of loyal service…”

People leave for all kinds of reasons, and with the growth of social media, reputations are more easily damaged than ever. 

Regular outplacement is typically offered only to people with long tenure or in mid to senior positions, but doesn’t everybody deserve proper support when they exit your organisation, regardless of level or length of service? 

Ex-employees are excellent sources of future hires and new business, as they bring knowledge of your culture, products and services to new ears.

Nurture them as they leave and they will speak well of you.  

The Leaver’s Journey is available on a per-head basis for £597 per employee, or as part of Convoy Corporate Subscription (1.5% of base salary budget, negotiable based on number of employees). 

Packages are customisable, with add-ons such as CV writing, LinkedIn optimisation, Interview preparation and group or 1 to 1 coaching.

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Coaching develops skills, enhances productivity and helps resolve performance problems. At times of transition, coaching releases creativity and reduces anxiety through a process of dialogue and/or practical tasks and activities that improve outcomes. 

The finest and most successful athletes in the world all have coaches. In most cases, the athlete is faster, stronger or quicker than their coach, so what use are they? The best coaches bring insight, perspective and knowledge, individually helping the athlete to hone their performance to new levels. 

It’s the same for career, executive, life, transformation, personal development, and all kinds of other coaching genres. It’s a partnership. 

Successful coaching relationships depend on trust, transparency and commitment, and transform lives on a daily basis.

Being an effective leader requires the ability to coach and (or) mentor the people under your care, something Christopher Ross (founder and CEO of Convoy Community) has been doing for over 15 years. 

There are few experiences more rewarding than seeing the light go on in someone’s eyes when they achieve something they didn’t think they could. It’s my job as coach or mentor to help them find that switch.     

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