Our Vision

All People Everywhere Travel WELL, and Arrive Well

By this we mean that the journeys we take throughout life - looking for a new job/role/gig, starting a new venture, retraining or transitioning into a new phase of ones career - are taken in the company of others on a similar path; that they are great, positive experiences; and that when you reach your objective, you arrive well: in good shape, with your sanity intact, ready and up for whatever comes next!

Our Mission

establish a sustainable model for COMMUNITY AND accountability that supports and accelerates SUCCESS

Using an agile approach, we are creating sustainable communities that support each-other. Our first types of Convoys include:

  • Job Hunting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Graduate/Student
  • Warm-Up/Qualifying

Our Values

the foundation on which we build and shape cONVOY communitIES

These make Convoy a supportive, uplifting and safe place for everyone to pursue their goals and objectives:

  • KIND 
    We help each other, bringing our whole selves to conversations, supporting people sharing our journeys: even if we are taking a break from our own journey, we’re still showing up to support our fellow travellers.
    We are Open and Honest with each other. We do the right thing (whether someone asked us to or not). We say what we need to say to be clear and present. We are true to our Word.
    All people deserve respect. We take responsibility for our own actions, stay curious and turn reactions into responses.
    Every individual has, and contributes, value. We listen with intent to hear; at all times we try to be present and focused (putting distractions aside). In supporting each other we support ourselves.
    We choose to make ourselves accountable to others, so that we get the things done we need to get done, to get to where we want to go.
    Convoy places no paywalls or financial barriers between people who need help and the help we can provide. We only ask that when members are in a position to do so, that they consider making an appropriate donation to enable us to continue providing the accountability structures that get things done, and the community support for people on their respective journeys.

Our History

it all started in the bar... the Zoom bar...

  • MARCH 2020

    Redundancy: Christopher's (Founder of Convoy) role was made redundant, and Outplacement support began.

  • MAY 2020

    Burnout: 3 months of CV/Resume and cover letter customisations, carefully crafted applications resulted in 1 interview.

  • JUNE 2020

    Understanding what went wrong... what was missing? I (Christopher) am a trouble-shooter and problem-solver. Seemed to me something was missing, so I started unpicking my experience to work out what it was.

  • JULY 2020

    Having identified that "Structure" and "Accountability" were the missing bits, went looking for a solution but didn't find what I was looking for. Proposed we do it for ourselves and Convoy was born!

  • AUGUST 2020

    Shared our experience and progress on LinkedIn, and had so many inquiries from people wanting to join that it was necessary to start more Convoys.

  • NOVEMBER 2020

    We're up to 5 job-hunting Convoys! Also started the first Entrepreneurs Convoy. Also, people are getting jobs (>15 from the community so far!)!

  • DECEMBER 2020

    Convoy Community membership tops 100! New types of Convoy in the works... Overall Lockdown and Pandemic situation not helping the job market, but >25 in the community have found new roles, contracts, gigs or are building businesses. Go team!

  • JANUARY 2021

    45% of people in the job hunting Convoys have found a role! That's astonishing given we're still in the grip of the pandemic and under lockdown!

  • MARCH 2021

    Convoys #6 & #7 kicked off! We've reached over 180 members, and over 60 have started new chapters in their careers.

  • MAY 2021

    We stormed past 200 members! And over 100 members have found new roles. We created the "Rock Your New Role" Convoy for members getting embedded into their new organisations.