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A CONVOY is a group of people on similar journeys,
each with their own destination.

What journey are you on?

A new job or gig?
Starting or developing a new business?
Pivoting your career?
Whatever your chosen path,
there are others on the same journey.

Travelling with others is inspirational, motivational,
and better for your mental health!

Our intention is that, with the support of a Convoy, you reach your destination - a new job or gig, career pivot or start-up - with a bunch of new friends, some good stories, and your sanity intact.

You arrive undamaged, ready for action!

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What makes a Convoy?

Each Convoy typically has up to 18 active members (plus potentially a guide/navigator). Keeping groups small helps ensure everyone is heard and can fully participate.

Convoys split into triplets (or "trios") for the Daily Stand-Up, which is where Convoy Magic happens... it is where Accountability happens.  

Convoy takes an Agile approach to Getting Things Done.
We use two key elements from Scrum:

Weekly Sprint Review/Retrospective,
and the Daily Stand-Up.

Add the weekly Guest Speaker, network vigorously,
and you have the Convoy Community!


Weekly Review/Retro

Once a week, each Convoy meets virtually for 40-60 mins to review:

  • What went well?
  • What didn't go so well?
  • What's your focus for the next week?
  • What help would you like?

The weekly meet up makes it possible to leverage each others' networks and find those elusive jobs, gigs and opportunities that are not posted or advertised. 

It also helps us appreciate that "People are succeeding out there, so there's hope for me!" and that, when the rejections happen, "It's not just me!"


Daily Stand-Up Meeting

Every working day, each "triplet" has a brief 6-15 min call to cover:

  • What did you get done - that you intended/planned - since the last Daily Stand Up?
  • What do you intend/plan to do by the next Daily Stand-Up?

This is the GOLD. The Convoy SECRET SAUCE

The Daily Stand-Up helps us maintain MOMENTUM, MOTIVATION and MENTAL HEALTH.


Weekly Guest Speaker

Once a week, all members of all Convoys are invited to hear a Guest Speaker presentation.

These 60-90 minute sessions are for education, inspiration and motivation. It's an opportunity to pick up a new skill or insight, or something that could be useful in that crucial interview.

Guest sessions are typically recorded and the back catalogue is made available to members.


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Register for our next Open Q&A! (It's free!)